6 Different Types of Present Warehouses

type of warehouse

Warehouse is more than just a dense place filled with rack and pile of stocks. The modern warehouses are organized, clean, bright, and filled with activities. Below are 6 different types of today warehouses.

Type 1: Bonded Warehouse

Import goods store in the bonded warehouse or customed warehouse for the purpose of re-exportation with the same nature or being processed as other goods. These goods are exempted from payment of import/export taxes and duties.

Type 2: Distribution Center

Distribution center typically offer a wider range of services than normal warehouse, such as, pick and pack services, packaging, or simple product mixing, and, normally, located near the end user area.

Type 3: Cold Storage

Warehouse with temperature controlled for storing temperature sensitive items, such as, food, medicines, or electronic components.

Type 4: On-Demand Storage

This type of warehouse is flexible in lease term and can be divided into the customer’s required space to handle peak and flexible demand.

Type 5: Pick, Pack, Pack & Ship Warehouse

This is also called fulfillment services warehouse, which commonly used for the online retailer. Warehouse staff received and sorted the incoming products. Then, after received the orders, warehouse staff picked up the product, packed and then passed on to the delivery company, or inhouse delivery unit.

Type 6: Smart Warehouse

A smart warehouse uses technology and automation systems to receive products, sort them out, pick them for orders, send them to delivery unit, and keep the inventory count.