What Is Warehouse Management

warehouse management

Warehouse management is the control of daily operations inside the warehouse, such as shipping, receiving, sorting and picking up the goods. Some people mistakenly understand that it is the same as the stock control, however, stock control aims specifically at making the inventory correct, and predict the suitable level of inventory, whereas, warehouse management aims to maximize the efficiency of overall warehouse operations.

Why Warehouse Management Software?

Because warehouse operations are complex, which involving a lot of paper work. Warehouse management software automates manual processes and enables centralized control and visibility of all warehousing procedures.

What are The Basics Warehouse management?

  • Inbound processes: Items to be checked and recorded and sorting inside the correct bins and shelfs.
  • Warehouse layout and slotting: Grouping the items that are usually bought together. Fast going items should be near the front. Separate the items that can be mistakenly each other.
  • Picking: Organized shelf spacing so the picker can find the item easily
  • Packing: Orders must be packed in correct packaging, complete with detailed content slip and added to a delivery unit for dispatch.
  • Shipping: Minimize the mistake in content and time of delivery.
  • Managing returns: Returned goods need to be unloaded before the vehicle is available for loading again, then these goods then need to be checked off against the original order.

Advantages of using a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Reduce picking errors: WMS can reduce the pickup error, which is the cause of over-requirement of the man power, thus saving time and labor cost, reduce the risk in damaging the relationship with your customer.
  • Optimize stock control: WMS can help in balancing the stock control and reducing the excessing stock.
  • Maximize use of space: The space and shelfing will be optimized through the correct warehouse management system.
  • Improve worker productivity: Workforce efficiency will be improved due to proper management system